Unit 5: The Digital Humanities

APRIL 26: 

Irene Chien guest lecture

Play each of these games. Spend at least 10 minutes on each game:



Read these articles:



MAY 3:

Justin Vaccaro on New Media


Automedial Ghosts

Does Writing Have a Future


due May 10th

Over the past three weeks, our class time has been absorbed by three outstanding presentations. The first was our Hitchcock group, consisting of Chiara, Jordan, and Chris. (Note that all of your presentations have been excellent – I’m singling out this group because they used the whole class period to speak about an explicitly assigned topic, “Hitchcock”.) The following week, Irene Chien from UC Berkeley led us through the wilds of video game addiction and the complicated interweave of games and “reality.” On Friday, Justin Vacarro, also from UC Berkeley, spoke to us about ghosts, overlapping media, detectives on the autistic “spectrum,” and the fate of the Human in the 21st century (a theme that evoked our first articles, by Susan Stewart and Wendy Brown).

So – write a paragraph about something that you found particularly interesting in any one of these presentations. You don’t have to synopsize the whole presentation, and you may write informally. The goal here is simply to demonstrate something that you learned. Given the mind-blowing content we’re talking about – Hitchcock, video games (and art games), and the digital – maybe that something is a new way of perceiving the world.


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