UNIT 4: Cinema, Anthropology, Close-ups


Béla Balázs, “The Close-Up”

Jean Epstein, “Magnification”

BLOG NUMBER #3: (250-500 words)

This assignment consists of three parts:

1.) Pick a close-up – any close-up! (Can be from a film; a TV show; a music video; whatever!)

2.) Analyze your close-up, à la Balàzs or Epstein (don’t worry about the narrative context; instead, treat the close-up as its own “frame,” like Epstein does in the opening paragraph of “Magnification”)

3.) Use your analysis as the basis for re-imagining the surrounding text – the film, the TV show.

Post to your blog by 5pm, Friday, April 12th



READ: Jay Ruby, “The Aggie Must Come First”

Optional (this has no English subtitles):


NOTE: The Pacific Film Archive on Bancroft is running a comprehensive Hitchcock retrospective this semester. You can find film blurbs and schedules here:


Strangers on a Train, which is the subject of this magnificent D.A. Miller essay, will screen on February 16. Never miss a chance to see Hitchcock on film, projected in a theater – his work remains the definitive cinematic experience!

READ: DA Miller, “Hidden Pictures”


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