Final Project (15%)


DUE MAY 17, 2013

Choose one of the following prompts. Your finished work should consist of 1800-2000 words of text and use specific quotations from the readings (the textbook counts!).

1.)  Pick one of your blog entries and revise it – transform it into a full-fledged essay, with scholarly references.

2.)  Do a “Too Close” reading of a film, à la D.A. Miller’s article. (Note: you should choose a film with which you are already very familiar, even obsessed with – and that a Too Close Reading features little to no plot summary. This should be about contingent, ancillary details in the image and your fantasies about them!)

3.)   Analyze the performative frames in a social ritual in which you participate.

4.)  If you have the technical aptitude, create an online game. Write a short description of the game from a “humanist” perspective. What does your game mean? (Alternatively: conduct the same analysis on a game that you play regularly.)

5.)   You may propose an alternative project. It must include an explicit reference to something that we’ve read or seen this semester. All alternatives are subject to my approval – please send a proposal before May 3rd.


I will hold office hours (times and places to be announced) over the next few weeks, for those who would like to consult about the projects.  Good luck!