Welcome to Humanities 1


Instructor: Jonathan E. Haynes (jhaynes@peralta.edu)

The goal of this class is to expose you to the richness and diversity of the humanities. This Spring, we will explore literature, opera, music, anthropology, philosophy, linguistics, painting, and cinema – even video games! Along the way, we will gain some understanding of the histories and methods of the various humanities fields.

Our primary objectives are:

1.)  To re-examine our own tastes and pre-conceptions through frequent self-analysis, critical reflection, and blogging;

2.)  To develop a theoretical vocabulary for discussing art works (and other kinds of cultural objects, from political speeches to television commercials);

3.)  To recognize the roles played by history and culture in artistic and social productions (also: to recognize that art is social, and that society is art);

4.)  To learn to appreciate uncommon, even radical aesthetic experiences;

…and lastly: to nurture a healthy skepticism about where the humanities ends and something else begins.

* * *

This class is acceptable for credit at UC and CSU. It counts towards GE AA/AS area 3; CSU area C2; and IGETC area 3. It can be used as an elective for the Liberal Arts and Humanities Associate in Arts Degree Program and the Liberal Arts: Intersegmental General Education Transfer (IGETC) Certificate of Achievement.


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